getting to a win-win deal

Strong negotiation and communication skills. Reliability and integrity to enable the best win-win deals. The ability to network, establish trust, and cultivate long-term partnerships.

Guidance on the state of the market. A deep understanding of the coaster,  general, and multipurpose vessels market, trends, demands, and fair pricing; all crucial for making informed decisions.

Skilled in the complexity of contracts and international law to get the deal done timeously. Staying updated on regulations and legal aspects of shipping.

Strong analytical skills: A deep understanding of vessels’ specifications and financials to accurately assess market conditions and evaluate risks toward the right strategic decision.

Comprehensive network of owners/buyers. Knowledge of operations and processes to match the right vessel with the right owner in order to mediate the best deal.

We never give up, we keep trying, above and beyond to bring every transaction to a good end. We persistently aim to find solutions that satisfy the Buyers and Sellers. Communicating is key to staying out of conflict.

We are problem solvers. We enjoy creating smooth deals that capitalise on global opportunities…



Madeleine Kooy and Dyanne Thorn Leeson

Adrem Shipbrokers

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