looking at the exceptions

Madeleine and Dyanne co-founded Adrem Shipbrokers in September 2013. Since then, the company has become a maverick in the industry known for tackling those mission-impossible tasks, the needle-in-the-haystack buy-sell requests from clients.

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Madeleine’s experience goes back to 1978 when she discovered a passion for putting together ship sale deals. In 1998, she became one of the few sworn shipbrokers granted status by the Court of Rotterdam.

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Dyanne embarked on her shipbroking career in June 2008, with an international background in sales, marketing, and business development. She fortified her credentials with an MBA from Business School Netherlands, added qualifications from Lloyds Maritime College, and attained expertise as a trainer and coach in the Process Communication Model.

Dolphins swim the opportunity side of the wave. We like that. We swim there too.

“There’s opportunity in every market and it’s our experience that the best deals are done – not in the usual or habitual way – but by looking at the exceptions.



Madeleine Kooy and Dyanne Thorn Leeson

Adrem Shipbrokers

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